This summer, I am interning at TLC Marketing Consultants in Lenexa, Kansas. Joining TLC Marketing Consultants is my first internship, and it is a lot more than I thought it would be — in the best way possible. So far, I have already gained many skills, and I have learned more about different website tools used in everyday marketing. I have been working a lot with the CEO (Tammy Cunningham), the marketing manager (Alex Rothers) and two other interns.

Work that I have done so far includes writing several blogs for an insurance and real estate company, creating many different social media graphics for several clients; and a social media strategy for a local bar and grill, which included coming up with daily posts/ examples (ex: Taco Tuesday Memes). I have also gained a lot of experience working with Yext when it comes to looking into secondary directories for clients and their information, which I have done for about 15 or more clients. I have attended a meeting with a client, where I learned more about working with clients face to face as we created new emails for all of their locations. One thing that I have been doing a lot lately is building and fixing websites for clients. I have created new pages on websites, made critical changes and checked the SEOs for various pages.

As for expectations for the rest of my internship, I am thrilled to be learning more every day. I have been working with very talented people, and I know that I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have already if I were to be in a bigger company where interns may not get the chance to be as hands-on as I have been able to. This internship has given me even more real-world experience than I had before this experience. It has also given me the chance to learn more about different businesses and how I can use my skills to help in various ways.



WarnerMedia & Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

This past summer, I had an amazing opportunity to serve as a full-time, paid intern for WarnerMedia, along with an internship for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Both of these positions were intended to be in Los Angeles but switched to virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even with the pivot, I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding experience. I am extremely grateful for the hands-on experience in the entertainment industry and for the number of contacts I made over a few short months.

I worked for WarnerMedia Entertainment, which includes HBO, HBO Max, TBS, TNT and TruTV. As a Rotational Intern, I had the opportunity to work with 12 different departments: Production, Development, Features, Casting, Unscripted, Kids & Family, Comedy, Drama, International Development, Public Relations, Events and Post-Production. Each department assigned us unique tasks and scheduled one-on-one meetings for us to talk with executives in the company. My internship coincided with the launch of HBO Max, so I had the chance to experience the excitement and planning that goes into creating a new streaming service.

I was also selected as one of 74 interns to participate in a film industry internship enhancement program through the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Academy Gold Talent Development and Inclusion Program. This internship was an eight-week summer educational program that offered panels, workshops and networking opportunities with Academy members. Each week we had two to three virtual panels with notable industry professionals such as Tiffany Haddish and Sterling K. Brown!

We were placed in small cohorts of five people and over the summer we worked together to create and pitch a television series concept to a panel of industry executives towards receiving a mock $25,000 grant. After completing the summer program, we were paired with a member of the Academy to serve as our mentor for the year.  My mentor is a film/TV director and writer who has been very gracious with his time and is teaching me so much!

My education from the KU J-School helped me thrive in each of my internships, and my supervisors were impressed by my hands-on experience. From on-set experience in Media Crossroads with Cal Butcher to creative skills using Adobe programs from Heather Lawrenz, I believe the J-School helped set me up for success.

I’ve been very impressed with everyone I’ve worked with in the entertainment industry and their willingness to help me grow in the business. In fact, through new connections, I landed an internship with a production company beginning in January. None of these incredible opportunities would be possible without my J-School family. I am excited for the future after I graduate in May 2021.

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