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Last fall, I accepted a position with The Borgen Project as a political affairs intern. The Borgen Project is a nonprofit that advocates for the United States to get more involved with foreign policy and world hunger. My internship was three months long, and I had the pleasure to work from October to December, which made it all the more fun working right in the middle of election season.

I decided I wanted to pursue political communications toward the end of my junior year and realized I had no political experience. After applying for this position, I interviewed with two managers, and we instantly clicked over our passion for volunteering. A few weeks later, I was hired and started my training.

My internship was entirely remote, and I worked about 12 hours each week. I was given a weekly checklist of tasks and had biweekly progress meetings with my regional boss. One of the things I was responsible for included calling my local congressmen and representatives to inform them about global poverty legislation they should be supporting. I also would keep track of where legislation was in Congress that deals with global poverty. I was able to give some virtual presentations in a few classes and discussed why the United States is key in ending global poverty.

Since we were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many things I was not able to do. Usually, political affairs interns get to attend weekly lobbying sessions and with their local state representatives and discuss global poverty legislation with them.

This internship has helped prepare me for grad school, where I will be pursuing my master’s degree in political science. This experience has really opened my eyes that my passion is to work with public policy and advocate for life-changing legislation.

Article about life

Article about life

Understand Your Mind

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  • The One Rule for Life – What makes an action right or wrong? What makes a person good or bad? Well, there’s a rule for that.

Emotional Intelligence

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Life Purpose

Healthy Relationships

  • Love Is Not Enough – We all worship love in our culture, but the truth is that a healthy relationship needs far more than just love.
  • Fuck Yes or No – When it comes to choosing your commitments, if it’s not a Fuck Yes, then it should be a no.
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